#1208 My Failures = Other's Success

posted Feb 18, 2016, 4:38 PM by Derek Haynes

A couple of months ago, I had a student who was upset, crying, and aggravated that their grades weren’t where they wanted them to be.  Like literally, he had his mom call me so I could give tips and pointers to help out.  So I go there, thinking it was a simple fix, what's the worst that could be wrong.  After talking to him, and giving the pep talk, I realized this; my life experience to this point was valuable in helping change that ‘I gotta be perfect’ & ‘why I aren’t as fast as other people’ mindset.

“I gotta be perfect!”

Most who are in school want great grades, and to feel as if they are accomplishing something.  I was the kid on honor roll k-5, the child on principal’s list and who got two awards to the honor society.  This over-achiever thought nothing could tear him down!  I mean I was that dude that all wanted in their group.  But alas in the annuals of the local Hellmouth, arose a great twoheaded dragon to tear down that attitude.


I failed both classes hard despite feeling that I was the chosen one.  I had to see that I wasn’t perfect—I wasn’t unstoppable, and there were some classes that I would have trouble with.  I was lucky enough to have good people around me as a support system to help me through my depression (will explain later), and help me refocus my efforts.


“Other people move faster than me...”

I can reach things on shelves better than most people.  Does that make me better than them. Well of course it does!

Wait.  No, no it doesn’t.  I’m taller so I would be better at reaching than most folks.  Some people can breeze through a math problem, some people need assistance.  Is there a difference?  As long as you ‘re all getting the correct answer, there’s none at all.  Five by five will always be 25, whether you get the answer in 10 seconds, or 3 minutes.  Run your race, and get to your finish-line.

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